Sun Farm is Tokenizing Bitcoin mining, the Sun and Grid mining


Our facility is a 85,000 square foot industrial building.  That means that we have about 2 acres of roof top space available for solar panel installations. 
The solar panels will also act as an insulator thus providing a cool space for mining and operations below.
The electrical energy from the solar panels will be utilized to mine Bitcoin.  During peak high energy spikes, Bitcoin miners will operate from battery backup while the solar panels sell electricity back to the grid.  During the off peak hours then the Bitcoin miners will utilize low cost energy to mine Bitcoin and charge the batteries for usage the following day.     

Something must be done if Bitcoin is to survive high electrical usage.  Grid mining  is how power management will achieve the best rates.  We charge batteries at night during off peak hours then sell back to the Grid during high rates.   Solar panels will be used to mine Bitcoin and the extra will charge specialized batteries for consumption later. 30% of the revenues will be distributed as Bitcoin rewards to Sun Farm Token holders. 29% of the monthly revenues will be used for the purchase of more solar panels and more Bitcoin Miners.  

Clean Energy

Cryptocurrency mining is not a fad, it’s a lucrative enterprise that is a necessary process to support blockchain based transactions every second, minute and hour of each day.  Energy costs have created a considerable profit friction for mining organizations.  We're taking a different approach, here in Texas we have abundant cheap land and an abundance of Sun.  Our operation will completely eliminate energy costs and will utilize 100% renewable energy.  Grid mining will allow for electrical power management thus increasing profits.

5% Bonus

Early registration to our list will benefit from a 5% bonus.  This bonus CAN be used with other offers and bonuses.

There is only one way to obtain Sun Farm Tokens.   Sun Farm will purchase from you solar panels, inverters, wiring harnesses, mounting supplies, S9 miners and sun tracking nodes. Sun Farm Tokens will be used to purchase the equipment from YOU which YOU purchased according to Sun Farm specifications below.   
Sun Farm will not accept cash or any fiat payment for Sun Farm Tokens.  
Bonuses will be paid on certain equipment that is needed immediately.  If you Pre-register then an additional 5% bonus will be added to any bonuses offered.   

Meet The Team

David Stanton

Founder & CEO

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David currently operates ASIC miners and 35 alt-coin master nodes.​ Extensive experience working with cryptocurrency algorithm protocols. David has a strong knowledge of blockchain platforms and networks. He's a lifelong entrepreneur with a technical background in mechanical and systems engineering and programming.

John Baker

Legal Counsel

Attorney & Counselor at Law

Bar Admissions

    Admitted in the United States Patent and Trademark Office 

    Admitted in all four United States District Courts of California

    Admitted in all four United States District Courts of Texas

    Admitted in the State of California 

    Admitted in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Texas

    Admitted in the United States Tax Court

   Admitted before the United States Supreme Court

Learn more about Sun Farm and our direction.  We explain why our concept is better and offers a solution for Bitcoin miners.  The Bitcoin algorithm is built on a decentralized and deflationary model.  This model has proven itself for the past 10 years while Bitcoin has continued to appreciate in value.  Next year the "Half-ing" is going to take place at another milestone of 210,000 mined blocks.  This is beneficial to the value and price of Bitcoin. 

Banks and financial institutions along with the mainstream public are beginning to now accept and understand Bitcoin.   The public acceptance is growing along with demand.  

To better understand the benefits and opportunity that Bitcoin offers, read our White Paper.


Approved Vendors


To be part of this project, then you must purchase equipment from an Approved Vendor.  The equipment can only be dropped shipped to SunFarm.io by the Approved Vendor.  Once SunFarm.io receives the equipment, then it will be purchased from the owner using Sun Farm Tokens.  This deposit will be made into your Ethereum Wallet.  

Since Sun Farm Tokens are not sold to the public, this is the only way to acquire Sun Farm Tokens. 

How to Acquire Sun Farm Tokens

No sale of Sun Farm Tokens will ever take place. Therefore, there  is only one way to acquire Sun Farm Tokens.  The acquisition can only be made thru a barter system.  SunFarm.io will purchase certain equipment from individuals using the Sun Farm Tokens.  This method of barter allows SunFarm.io to use its SFT to make purchases. 

Sun Farm Token Rewards

Each month Bitcoins are distributed to the holders of Sun Farm Tokens based on the percentage of ownership of Sun Farm Tokens.  

How to Order Equipment

SunFarm works with Approved Vendors that will list equipment.  The Approved Vendor will drop ship the equipment to SunFarm,io after the payment is made.   SunFarm will then purchase the equipment using the Sun Farm Token for the owner.  SunFarm.io does not receive cash, commissions or bonuses of any kind from its Approved Vendors. 

Pre-Launch Rates

Pre-Launch Rates -  Sun Farm will offer Pre-Launch bonuses for equipment.  Based on the equipment needed at the time, bonuses of up to 100% maybe offered. 


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Sun Farm does not receive any cash compensation, referral fees, bonuses, money or funds from any of its approved vendors.  Sun Farm and its owners or employees do not own any part or percentage of the approved vendors companies or stock.  The approved vendors determine the price of all products and sources for all products.  The approved vendors will drop ship paid supplies to Sun Farm at which time Sun Farm will purchase from the owner of the supplies using Sun Farm Tokens. This website is not an offer to sell SunFarm Tokens. 


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